Where Our Journey Begins…

A and I wanted a place to share our wisdom. Everyone’s journey is a little different, but we wanted a place to give a piece of ourselves for those who decide to read our blog.

Why Even Have a Blog?

We have been thinking this through and we wanted a place to share our love of things from beauty to relationships. The ugly to the beauty of things. We give our 100% honesty in what we share to everyone. This is NOT a blog mostly of beauty related products. This is a space to share what our heart wants to share. Maybe this blog can lend a hand in your own adventures, who knows right?

Ask Questions?

We will take things lightly. This is a place to share our own journeys, negative criticism will be ignored. You have the freedom of speech, but disrespect and rudeness will NOT be tolerated and will be deleted. Have a little respect. You do not have to waste your time to read our blog. We are not affiliated with anyone.

Last of All…

Be Kind. Be courageous. Take things like a grain of salt if it does not apply or interest you.

Thank you for reading our posts! We hope it helps you in some way. We also have a Blogger that we update as well.

Other Social Media / Contact…

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Lots of Love,

N & A