Everyone Feels Like Cinderella

The Center Point Lies With The Foot

Glass slippers and beautiful dresses equals a little girl’s playtime imagination. We all played dress up as little kids where we wear our mother’s clothing and shoes. Children recreate the pure moments that tickle our tummies and the imagination takes us to another world. As we grow older we acquire our own sense of taste and fashion. But what exactly ties an outfit together? Jewelry? Accessories? A particular article of clothing? I think not. I believe the key lies in the pair of “glass slippers” you wear on your feet.

Are You Sure?

I am not a fashion expert, but I know how to dress to make myself presentable. Every shoe has it’s own purpose in tying your outfit together. I hardly believed this until I took a step back and looked in a mirror. Picture this: light cream gray colored shorts, a gray graphic shirt, and black wedge sneakers. Now picture the same outfit but with a pair of black Nike trainers. I kid you not, but I looked cute and not to shabby when I wore my black wedge sneakers. My outfit turned unflattering when I pair it with my black Nike trainers. I was stepping in and out of the gym from my workout, and my wedge sneakers were in the car. I only have two hands and my hands were full from gym bag plus a bag for my towel + spare clothing. So of course I would just wear my Nike trainers out. No big deal, since it was gym then home. However, the outfit really was unflattering and it hit me that shoes matter.

What Else is New?

It is not something new, but a small realization on my part. An outfit can be dressed down or up with the shoes you put on. I understand when my boyfriend shakes his head a little when I wear my gray Nike trainers when we go to the mall. Sometimes a girl/lady/woman needs something more flattering than trainers to finish an outfit. I flip through magazines and websites on my spare time or whenever a new clothing brand catalog comes in the post. I picture the model wearing simple trainers with a gorgeous summer outfit, and I know it will ruin the outfit. Trainers and sneakers should be kept at minimal wear. The next time you do a little online shopping or read a magazine take a look at the shoes the model wears with the outfit. You never know what might surprise you. 

This is Important?

I would have to say this is just a realization on my part. A shoe can say a lot of things about an outfit. I am sure there are other bloggers out there who mention shoes in an outfit. I am not going to tell you what shoes you should pair with your clothing, but I am telling you before you step out the door take a look at what you plan to walk in. Try something else besides those trainers or sneakers from time to time. You never know how you can spruce out that simple outfit to something out of this world. Think of your shoes as your very own fairy godmother to the outfit!




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