My Frustrated Anger Rant

I swear there is never a perfect world for siblings. There is that constant pull of love and hate? I am not sure if hate is the correct word in this case. Disdain? I think disdain fits my world a little more for my case. I have siblings. Some smart and some that carry a pea size brain. I am going to talk about the one sibling who has a pea size brain. This sibling and I just clash on so many pages at times. This sibling carries the same sense of frustration that my father gets when he gets irritated. My mother believes we get our “anger” from our father. I am not going to lie, I do not get along with any of my sibling as much as I want to. I wish there was that one sibling I could just spill all my secrets to. However, that is not the case. Let me just refer this sibling as “pea brain”. The reason why I am pissed off in the first place is because my MacBook was lying on the carpet. Yes I “could of”:

  • Put it on a table
  • Place it somewhere safe
  • Should not be leaving things on the floor

But this is my space. I was using my laptop and I left it on the floor. I did not plan for “Pea brain” or any of my other family members to be walking around in my room. If they were going to, I am sure they would of looked around first. So “Pea Brain” wanted to see if the Facebook friend was the correct person. I confirmed it, but I told “Pea Brain” to wait so I could turn on the light because my laptop was on the floor. “Pea Brain” being all cocky believed that they would avoid the laptop. It would of taken me THREE seconds to switch on the light. However, “Pea Brain” did not want to wait for those precious three seconds, and told me that my laptop would not be stepped on. You can already guess what happened since I am fuming at this moment. Yes, “Pea Brain” stepped on my laptop and I screamed at “Pea Brain”. I switched on the light and told “Pea Brain” you just stepped on my laptop even though I just told you that it would happen. “Pea Brain” clearly does not have night vision. “Pea Brain” tried to deny it, but my eyes can easily see around the darkness like night vision goggles. “Pea Brain” managed to step on my laptop with one foot. But “Pea Brain” weighs around 200 pounds, depending on how much force was used, “Pea Brain” could of been using half or full body weight in that one step. I quickly turned on my laptop and messaged a friend who works for Apple to make sure my laptop was okay. Thankful it is, or I would not be typing this. I told my mother to look at my screen as well for any bruising or flickering lines. Thankfully, nothing.

Moral of this story:

Have a bit of patience. When someone warns you there is something of value on the floor, let them turn the light on. Paying for a replacement cost more than waiting a few seconds for someone to take action. Take caution in warnings, if you do not know the space, act like there are traps and wait for further instructions.

Moral of the sibling rant?

I am a little envious of siblings who have a better relationship in patience and virtue. I wish my siblings just stepped back a little and not rush head first into things. Though not all my siblings do that, but I wish they did. Show your siblings a little respect when they tell you something. A strong bond is better than a broken one. No relationship, whether it is a sibling or significant other, is perfect. However, we can make better choices to be a better person. Communication is key to anything and listen with your ears and not your brain. Why else do we have two ears? Not for “in one ear and out the other”, but to listen through two points and make sure we process things correctly. Because something like stepping on my laptop could of been prevented all together, if they just listened.



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