Traveling Thoughts of Home

Ever since I booked my flight for November, I am nervous. Every time I set out for a yearly trip, the pit of my stomach gets the home blues. Wait, what?

Home Sickness

I get home sick during the few days before and the day of my trip. Weird right? Usually my close friends and family are more excited. I do get excited when I travel, but there are always those jitters that like to appear every time.

“You Don’t Know What You Got, Till It’s Gone…”

-Big Yellow Taxi

I wish I could explain it clearly, but maybe it leads back to the bird leaving the nest. Being at home for so long really settles into your soul in some way. I know when my own adventure is ready to set sail I might not have the feeling of nostalgia running around. I know I am still young, but no matter the age you always look back and remember the past. I think traveling helps me flutter my wings for a little bit. Home sickness is not something new in my books. I always have a bit of insomnia when I am not in my own bed. I had it as a kid, and I remember it shook my roots a little. I remember I was going away to camp and the first night I was there, I knew I was ready to pack my bags and head home. I was young, and I thought not being able to sleep was a very bad thing. I remember crying and calling home. I was ready for my parents to just pick me up. However, I am glad I was able to finish camp with great memories. It was a rocky start, but I am glad the camp counselors were able to keep me company. Especially the assigned cabin counselor. I am thankful for her staying up with me for a little longer each night so I was able to try to read a little bit of Chicken Soup to quiet the storm in my mind. This memory is also a lesson for me. When I have children of my own, I want to tell them that it is okay if they are not able to sleep. The thought of being away from home and somewhere unfamiliar is uneasy for the first night, but losing a night of sleep is not the end of the world. I wish my parents told me that before camp. But camp is a place to learn to step away and be away from the shelter of home. I think the best thing I enjoyed was going back home and taking a longer shower than just 2 minutes.

It is okay to lose a night of rest, the jitters sometimes do get the most of us. Just remember to enjoy those life lessons. Breath a little fresh air and explore.

Overall, it is a good thing to travel and experience jitters, the jitters remind us all that no matter how far we travel, home is always close to the heart.

Side-Note: I just watched Oblivion (2013) and I really like that lake-house Jack Harper builds in the secluded area. Sometimes I wish life was as simple as living in a quiet open space where living was as carefree, peaceful, isolated, safe, and quiet like that lake-house. The movie was not bad, it was a nice twist to the ending. Sometimes we need to be careful with what we find out there in space… these SciFi movies always get my imagination churning a little.

My Rating: 7/10

With Love,



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