Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) (Movie Review)

Oh Netflix… You really know how to mix my curiosity by providing me with movies I never really watched in theaters. So let me get to it.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

This movie was okay. I wanted a little more plot and the introduction of the new characters was a little rough. I enjoyed Transformers (2007) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) because we had a steady character base who continued from one movie to the next. I did not watch the third installment of the film series because they crossed Megan Fox off the list of regulars. You might give me different viewpoints of why we did not need Megan Fox, but for me she was one of the faces to Transformers. The change of pace really knocked my axis off alignment, and I skipped the third movie all together. This movie (Age of Extinction) provided me with lots of fighting scenes, and humor here and there. I am sure you figured out that I love a bit of comic relief in films, but it did not set my interest on fire like other films. I really did like Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) in this film. I really did label him as fully evil early in the movie and Joyce was in it for self glory for figuring out how to make a transformer (plus he is KSI head personnel + face of the company). I am glad he had some realization of what was going on with his lab creations. Plus, I really like Stanley Tucci as an actor (maybe that is why I gave him brownie points). Overall, this movie is more of something you would watch when nothing else is available (or when you get curious enough like I did). This movie was more of stimulating your senses with fight scenes and a jumpy plot. I hope the next installment is a little better than this one, because “Age of Extinction” really missed the mark. Watch if you feel like it, but it is not a movie to jump up and down for.

My Rating: 6/10



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