Where Can I Get That?

What a lovely Saturday! Minus the part where I realized how much I failed in washing the dishes today! Lets just say, I established with mi amor that he is going to deal with the dishes in the future. My dish washing skills might lead to a drought or something… or a semi-flooded kitchen…

Okay I went a little crazy and decided to watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015) for a second time this week. The fashion/beauty part of my brain was kicking in high gear and wanting answers to some of the things that appeared in the film. Lets get started! (Just a heads up nothing in this post is sponsored, everything I mentioned is from research I did on my own)

  • Item #1: Lipstick USB

It was not hard to guess what brand this lipstick came from since I bought a tube from Sephora last year. The lipstick is from Clinique and they stock a variety of shades using the same lipstick tube design (silver with ridges). The color specifically that was featured in MI was difficult to tell since I did not have remote access to pause the movie. From my assumptions, using clues from when Simon Pegg’s character “Benji” examined the lipstick & the kiss Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) left on the paper hanging on the door in Casablanca, the shade is part of the Clinique “different lipstick” line in the shades “A Different Grape” or “Tenderheart”. You can take the guess for yourself which shade is the one from the movie since I am not 100% sure.

  • Item#2: Trench Coat
  • Item#3: Shoes

I combined items 2 and 3 together because of the research I did. Let us start with the trench coats the audience sees Ilsa wear in the film. Thanks to stumbling across Fashionista’s post by Fawnia Soo Hoo when I was researching, I was able to find out that at least one of the trench coat Ilsa wears is from Burberry, and the other costumes are made purely for the movie from scratch. There are many alternatives to buying a stylish trench coat, and it does not have to be from Burberry, because lets face it, not everyone is going to fork over $1000+ for a clothing item. I just recently purchased a Top Shop trench coat from Nordstrom’s sale, and I was skeptical at first, but it was a great purchase after I tried it on. I swear online shopping can be scary because you are never sure what size fits you. A 50/50 gamble in luck whether it fits or not. My suggestion is to wait for a sale and shop around, because you never know when a cute affordable trench coat floats your way. On the other hand, we always have shoes to complete outfits. Which brings me to the next item, shoes. Ilsa wears some nice looking shoes in the movie, especially the ones she always takes off before some real ass kicking happens. The first shoes comes from the scene where Ethan wakes up tied to a pole and Ilsa walks into the scene to prepare to interrogate Ethan. Those cute black booties you see her take off are from Gianvito Rossi, they are the “Vamp 100 Suede Ankle Boots“. They come in two textures for black, suede or leather. In my opinion, it looks like Ilsa is/was wearing the suede version of Rossi’s black ankle boots. Sadly I have not been able to find any cheaper alternatives, but leave me a reply if you are able to find a dupe of these cute boots (and I will keep everyone posted if I find any dupes). The next pair of shoes is the pair Ilsa wears with her stunning yellow dress during the opera scene. These cute heels are from Jimmy Choo (thanks again to the Fashionista blog post I stumbled across that captioned what Ilsa’s shoes were underneath the image). For these cute heels I was unable to locate the exact Jimmy Choo she wears from the official website and other department stores that carry Jimmy Choo. However, Jimmy Choo provides similar styles even though the style Ilsa wears is no longer provided. A good alternative check up on is Sam Edelman. You can find similar looking heels that are cheaper than Jimmy Choo. For now, Fall season has not arrive yet, but keep your eyes open for new arrivals on their site, you never know if a similar style heel might appear. I would give you alternatives, but the reason behind me suggesting Sam Edelman is because of the comfort behind their shoes. I have two ankle boots I got from Nordstroms, and they are super comfy! Plus, Black Friday is coming up in a few months and Sam Edelman has great sales on their shoes! The last pair of shoes I want to mention are the red boots Ilsa wears when she arrives back in London to meet with Attlee (Simon McBurney). There are images you can Google of her outfit. The costume she wears is paired with red ankle boots, I may not know the exact brand she is wearing but I have found a couple of alternatives that you can pair to recreate her outfit (Rag & Bone: Avery Bootie) (GX by Gwen Stefani: Clone Pointy Toe Platform Bootie). There are other department stores you can try to find a more exact copy of her boots, but these are just my suggestions to help narrow your search a little more.

Overall, I hope my research helps you out in narrowing your search to finding out what exactly is featured in the movie. Also, I came across this cool blog by The Fine Art Diner, who discusses MI(V) movie in detail of the themes that occur in the movie. A fair warning, do not read the post till after you watch the movie, because it does contain spoilers! I was really intrigued by the post, and since I had a lot of “theme” related courses back in Uni days, it tickled my interests. Do definitely go check it out if you like a good post that gets you thinking deeper about the film.

Much Love & Happy Hunting,



7 thoughts on “Where Can I Get That?

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  2. I laughed when I saw the movie because that’s my Clinique lipstick. my favorite shade is “Shy”, a nice matte pink, but I now think it should be called “Spy” or “Sly”

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    • The Fergie Rina Boot is seriously not a bad knock off. If only it was not a peep toe, then we have ourselves a winner πŸ™‚ But I agree with you on the Rossi booties. My credit card would be crying if I spent that much money. Thank you for finding alternatives πŸ™‚


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