Ctrl + F + Friendship

When was the last time you scrolled through your contacts? When was the last time you contacted that one friend you once were super close with? That was me at the beginning of this month.

It takes a few seconds to message a friend. It does not take much effort to reach out and say a simple greeting. Friendship comes in all shapes and forms. It is up to us to keep those friends in our lives. Distance is just a number to me. I have friends from all over, and it just takes a little time and effort to send them a little greeting. I still have a few friends I need to contact and say hello to, but my first step is initiating the step. It is not easy, because I have many of those lazy days where I tell myself, “Tomorrow, tomorrow will be the day I send them a message!” It is always the first step to push myself. I am not perfect in keeping up with my contacts. But hey, I am human and I try my best. I still need to send my pen pal a letter back and a small package. I will get it done! Hopefully before August ends. The one thing I read recently on a friend’s Facebook post is that a friend is always a friend no matter what. A friend might not always stay in contact because they are busy, but you can always give them a call and they will answer. A friend always has your back, rain or shine.

The most important thing to remember is that friends never leave your side. We just need to put in a small effort here and there to stay in contact.

I made this post because I wanted readers to think, “When was the last time I contact (insert your friend’s name here).” It is never too late to make contact! If I can contact my old buddies, so can you! I just had a lot on my mind. There are some regrets that I did not contact a friend earlier, until today. We lost touch for two years and a lot has happened in that time frame. I learned a lot and I wish I was there for her during the rough patches she had. That is why I encourage you to talk to friends you have not talked to in a long time. Sometimes they need a hand, and the contact you make to see how they are really can make a difference. Remember do not be a stranger and take a few seconds from your busy schedule to say hello to someone you have not talked to in a very long time.

Good Luck,



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