We Could Match with Ilsa!

As you guys are well aware, I made a post not too long ago of some of the products you could find from the Mission Impossible movie. Today I am bringing you a small update/review. We know Ilsa’s infamous black strappy heels she wears in the opera scene.

I have been searching high and low for a similar pair of shoes that can be considered as a “dupe”. Let us be truthful here, it is not easy spending $899 (not including tax) on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s (unless you are in circumstances that allow you to splurge easily). In my honesty, I had a hard time wrapping my mind in allowing my credit card to cry for a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. I know myself, and it is difficult to keep a pair of luxury brand shoes in mint condition. That is why I pushed myself to try to come across something similar, and I have. Let me present to you, Ted Baker’s “Ninof Suede Wrap Around Gladiator Sandals“!

They are not 100% exactly the same, but they are very close! The positive side of things is that it is $230 (USD) for these cute heels! I know it is still in the $$$ range of items, but at least you are saving around $600 in the long run. I already ordered a pair for myself and it came in the mail this week. I was nervous at first because I was not sure how comfortable these heels would be. Just looking at the image and the pin-thin heels already makes you sweat a little. However, that is not the case. I slipped these heels on my feet and they felt very comfortable. There is a bit of a padding at the sole of the feet which makes them tolerable. I already know that when I wear these heels for more than two hours my feet will want them off. In this case, it will not matter as much because I plan to use them for dates and special occasions when it matches my outfits. I love the bottom of these heels! I wrote a post back in July mentioning Cinderella’s shoes and these shoes mentions Cinderella!

"Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life"

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life”

Ted Baker, you really know how to charm the girls! Also, in terms of the size you should order (in case you do not have a Ted Baker store nearby, or if they do not have any at a Ted Baker near you) I would go a size up. My feet are pretty small (5.5 US) I usually always size up to either a 6 or 6.5 depending on the shoe brand. However, when I buy heels, flats, and boots, I usually go with a size 7 (US), because size 6 and 6.5 always fits just right. The concept of “always fits just right” is a good and bad thing. The good is that the shoe fits you perfectly, and the bad is that you have no wiggle room and it is still constricting your foot. Since the choice of 6.5 (US) did not exist, I went a whole size up and going for the 7 (US). I do note that everyone’s foot size is different so my shoe size concept does not match everyone’s profile 100%. Also, every shoe brand is different and the shoe sizing can go either way. The size 7 (US) turned out to be PERFECT! I was able to walk in a normal fashion and the shoe was not constricting, nor was it too loose! I was able to get my foot in and out easily and the shoe does not have a lot of wiggle room despite being a “whole” size bigger than the 6 (US). It is the perfect amount of space all around. Overall, it was a great purchase and the shoe is hands down super adorable! If you are looking to complete your Ilsa outfit, then here is your chance now! Let me know in the comments if you got a pair for yourself or not! Have a lovely day!




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