Bug in the Tummy

Who knew watermelon could go bad… I never claim I am the smartest of the bunch, but if there is one thing I learned this week is that watermelon can go bad, and you should always smell your fruit before blending it into a smoothie. I made that grave mistake on Monday & Tuesday. I got the worst part of the “food poisoning” on Tuesday.

The secret side of watermelon you never even knew of.

The secret side of watermelon you never even knew of.

Hence, the disappearing act on my part. You can blame the evil fruit that is haunting my dreams as we speak. My stomach is still feeling the effects of it on a Friday night. The nurse I spoke with had a good chuckle of how I failed to restrict my diet to only:

  • plain rice (porridge)
  • plain crackers
  • bananas
  • apple sauce
  • lots of water

I am sorry, sometimes a bowl of freshly cooked BBQ pork fried rice floats in front of me, and I lack the resistance to not enjoy freshly made BBQ pork. Also, if you mixed it into homemade fried rice with some of that delicious BBQ drippings, you my friend have got yourself a bread-winner. Could I fail anymore? Why yes, yes I can. Each day I still mixed a smoothie of vegetables, assortment of fruit, and two giant tablespoon of low-fat Greek yogurt. You heard me…

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

My love of dairy has caused my tummy more troubles during this troublesome time. I am hoping to recover as quickly as possible. For now, I am laying in my bed and daydreaming of what I want to fill my stomach with once this nightmare has ended. However, dairy is not the only restriction in what my stomach can handle. My leafy greens will also be placed on hold. Tough life when you are not 100% functioning properly. I keep yawning, it is best I try to call it a night for now. Maybe I will write a longer post next time. Just remember to smell what food you are given and double check what the food texture is like. AND… watermelon can go bad. It gets a bad odor and the texture changes.

Happy Resting,



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