Life Happened

I have been a little off my game as of constantly blogging. A mixture of work and my own personal life kicked my gears into motion during September. Now that the dust has settled a little, I can finally sit back and give you some fun insights as to where some of my fashion has taken me in the past month or so?


I got a few goodies from this store before I jet set into vacation mode next month. Here are some of the items I purchased.



I can not say enough good things about this skirt. I was skeptical at first when I was trying this on at Zara. I thought to myself “gray on me? I do not think it will flatter me”. I was wrong. I ended up purchasing this cutie and tried it on with some of my other clothing I have at home and it works really well. I have been trying to pair different skirts with my red hunter rain boots, and this skirt was something I needed as a staple item.



This shirt goes well with a pair of leggings or a dark washed pair of jeans. I did attempt to pair this shirt with the gray mini skirt I purchased. It looks better when the asymmetric hem is tucked into the skirt. If you do not wish to tuck this shirt away, I would definitely pair it with something other than a skirt. Shorts or pants works just fine. It is a nice staple layering item. It is thin enough to not overheat you. The plus side is that it is sleeveless which makes layering a sweater over will not turn you into a human oven.



Who does not like a good pair of ankle booties? I know they may not be Ilsa’s exact replica, but they are super adorable and more affordable than dropping $800 on the exact shoes she has. Like every heeled bootie, it might not provide the best walking shoes, but it sure tie your outfit together nicely, no matter if it is a dress or pants.

Those are a few of my Zara purchased items. For my maybe list, I am still debating on this skater skirt:



This new item is super adorable, especially the way that Zara pair it with the model. However, when I tried this skirt on in the store, I was not exactly blown away by it. It was cute, do not get me wrong. However, I wish the skirt had a zipper like the gray one I purchased. The stretch material was a good setback for me to not throw my credit card to complete this purchase. This skirt is available in 4 shades: maroon, mid-grey, black, and off-white. If you do not mind not having a zipper and want a skirt that is pull up without having to button or zip, than this skirt works for your autumn wardrobe. I would buy a size up for more comfort level, since it is form hugging.




Maybe it was watching Mission Impossible. Maybe because this trench is machine washable. Maybe it was both. I caved. I could not resist this beauty. Once I tried this trench on at the Burberry store, I was like already throwing my credit card at the sales person. Okay I did not throw him my credit card, but I could not walk out and turn my head away from this jacket. I bought this trench in one size bigger than the one that was form-fitting. As much as the form-fitting one looked amazing, I needed the arm movement, and I needed this jacket to be functional besides stylish. I wanted to make sure that if I was wearing layers underneath this jacket, I would still be able to move my arms comfortably. What good is a super pricey jacket when you can not wear a good thick sweater underneath? The other positive to this trench is the fact that I can throw this into my washing machine. The whole dry cleaning factor always stopped me from purchasing a Burberry trench before. I buy an expensive coat and have to pour more money into it, just to wash? I do not think so. Overall, I am super happy with my purchase. The other bonus is that most Burberry trench coats are over a grand each. Maybe it is the washable factor? But I am happy that it was not over the moon pricey. Still pricey, but I can live with it. I was debating on the black trench and the navy. I ended picking the navy shade because I already have a few peacoats and other jackets that are black. Gotta try another shade of dark colors right? I also love the detachable hood it comes with. Which is another bonus for where I plan to travel next month. When you purchase a pretty expensive jacket, you want to make sure it can just do more than make you look good. The more functions, the better.

I hope my quick run down of my most recent purchases helped spark a small curiosity for you. Let me know if you want any further details on my purchases.

Much Love,



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