My Frustrated Anger Rant

I swear there is never a perfect world for siblings. There is that constant pull of love and hate? I am not sure if hate is the correct word in this case. Disdain? I think disdain fits my world a little more for my case. I have siblings. Some smart and some that carry a pea size brain. I am going to talk about the one sibling who has a pea size brain. This sibling and I just clash on so many pages at times. This sibling carries the same sense of frustration that my father gets when he gets irritated. My mother believes we get our “anger” from our father. I am not going to lie, I do not get along with any of my sibling as much as I want to. I wish there was that one sibling I could just spill all my secrets to. However, that is not the case. Let me just refer this sibling as “pea brain”. The reason why I am pissed off in the first place is because my MacBook was lying on the carpet. Yes I “could of”:

  • Put it on a table
  • Place it somewhere safe
  • Should not be leaving things on the floor

But this is my space. I was using my laptop and I left it on the floor. I did not plan for “Pea brain” or any of my other family members to be walking around in my room. If they were going to, I am sure they would of looked around first. So “Pea Brain” wanted to see if the Facebook friend was the correct person. I confirmed it, but I told “Pea Brain” to wait so I could turn on the light because my laptop was on the floor. “Pea Brain” being all cocky believed that they would avoid the laptop. It would of taken me THREE seconds to switch on the light. However, “Pea Brain” did not want to wait for those precious three seconds, and told me that my laptop would not be stepped on. You can already guess what happened since I am fuming at this moment. Yes, “Pea Brain” stepped on my laptop and I screamed at “Pea Brain”. I switched on the light and told “Pea Brain” you just stepped on my laptop even though I just told you that it would happen. “Pea Brain” clearly does not have night vision. “Pea Brain” tried to deny it, but my eyes can easily see around the darkness like night vision goggles. “Pea Brain” managed to step on my laptop with one foot. But “Pea Brain” weighs around 200 pounds, depending on how much force was used, “Pea Brain” could of been using half or full body weight in that one step. I quickly turned on my laptop and messaged a friend who works for Apple to make sure my laptop was okay. Thankful it is, or I would not be typing this. I told my mother to look at my screen as well for any bruising or flickering lines. Thankfully, nothing.

Moral of this story:

Have a bit of patience. When someone warns you there is something of value on the floor, let them turn the light on. Paying for a replacement cost more than waiting a few seconds for someone to take action. Take caution in warnings, if you do not know the space, act like there are traps and wait for further instructions.

Moral of the sibling rant?

I am a little envious of siblings who have a better relationship in patience and virtue. I wish my siblings just stepped back a little and not rush head first into things. Though not all my siblings do that, but I wish they did. Show your siblings a little respect when they tell you something. A strong bond is better than a broken one. No relationship, whether it is a sibling or significant other, is perfect. However, we can make better choices to be a better person. Communication is key to anything and listen with your ears and not your brain. Why else do we have two ears? Not for “in one ear and out the other”, but to listen through two points and make sure we process things correctly. Because something like stepping on my laptop could of been prevented all together, if they just listened.



I Just Want to Travel or Just Living On My Own?

Say What?

After finishing University not too long ago, I have this small urge to travel and be independent. I get a taste of independence when I am visiting mi amor, but other than that I am less self-sufficient when I am home with the parents. I take on my role as an adult when I am away from home. So it comes down to wanting to travel. In about 4 months I am heading back to see mi amor! I am excited because this will be our small holiday time. Mi amor has a job and I want to continue with schooling. With everything happening, mi amor is not spending Christmas with me this holiday. So I must make the effort in seeing his adorable face. It will not be the same during the annual Christmas Eve Party, but I know my family will make do. Any time during the holiday season is good with me.

The Meat

Okay, you are probably putting two and two together, travel and independence, you get it. However, I feel like I am at the age where I need my space. As an adult I want to make my own choices, be able to cook how I like and when I like. When I am at home I am ridiculed on the spot constantly by my parents. The concept of “birds leaving the nest” needs to happen sooner than later. My independence as of now is traveling away from home. I am young still and I want to be able to travel before I am old and gray. I am not going to be that old anytime soon, but I want to just be away from my parents. I wish my parents were the ones that encouraged to find your own space when needed. The questions of:

  • Where are you planning to vacation?
  • You want to try this hobby?
  • You want to take a year off to explore?

These simple questions should be answered with enthusiasm and not negative criticism. My parents response to everything I do are:

  • Why are you going there?
  • Why are you always doing (insert a hobby here)?
  • You have already been to (insert place or event), do you really need to go again?
  • Why are you not focusing on school?

These questions lead to anger. Always anger and frustration from my parents when one of my siblings and I just want to enjoy life. Look I am at the age where I am an adult. I live within my means and do not go over the fence into territories I cannot pay the price for. Everything has consequences, but I cannot live my life inside a sheltered box. I think the best thing for any parent to understand is that you cannot try to control a child who has already grown to the age of adulthood. When a child is already an adult, a parent can give guidance and advice, but never push their own viewpoints onto their children. Everyone has a unique color, no two people are the same. I am sure the phrase “you can not fit square peg into a round hole” is true to a lot of things. Everyone is unique and can not fit into the same mold as everyone else. Why conform and be the same? We know that if we conform, we might as well be robots who have the same ideas and tastes. However, humans are not wired that way. I just want a bit of space and breathing room. I want my parents to know, they did not raise a fool. I do not do drugs, I do not smoke, I may have a glass of wine once in a while, but I am not a heavy drinker. I am ready to set out on my own two feet, and I want my parents to let me take that leap. Whether or not I am still leaving under their roof or not, should not make a difference. My advice for those who feel as confined as I do:

Live with the good morals your parents raised you with, but learn to explore a little. A little bit of independence goes a long way.

A little independence can teach you to fend for yourself. Trust me, around four years ago I would not even touch a cooking utensil. Two years later and a little bit of independence has made a capable adult out of me. I may not be the greatest cook, but I can cook something decent enough to eat. I know how to deal with fabric softener in a laundry load. Yes, I can admit that I hardly used a laundry machine and I always hand wash things. After two months of using a laundry machine, I can say it has changed my world of washing. I still love a good sunshine in my clothing instead of a dryer, but I work with what I am given. Also, with my holiday vacation, I am excited to be independent for two weeks again. I hope every adult learns to step away once in a while, especially those of us that still live with our parents. Trust me, you are not alone out there. Learn to enjoy and just be you. Time never goes back or looks back. Time always moves forward. Move forward with time.



The Ant & The Minion

Recently I got the chance to watch Minions (2015) and Ant-Man (2015). I am sure you can Google a summary of the two films if you do not really know what they are about.

Minions (2015)

This movie was adorable and cute. It is definitely a family movie worth taking the children to watch. This movie gives the background information of how the minions came into existence. Additionally, the main focus of these yellow pill creatures is to find a worthy boss. Through the ages they find a boss but end up leading them to their doom. There was some cute humor and it was an overall good movie purchase. I was not jumping out of my seat, but it was entertaining enough to not bore me to death. Overall, Minions gave me the background story of how they became Gru’s henchmen. If you got some change to spare, I would definitely give this movie a go.

My Rating: 8/10

Ant-Man (2015)

This Marvel movie really surprised me. I never watched any of the trailers, nor have I even researched what the movie was about. I love my Marvel movies, but this superhero was not in my database. Nonetheless, I gave this movie a go, and Ant-Man was seriously hilarious + awesome all wrapped into a 1 hour and 57 minute movie. If I could go back and watch Ant-Man again, I would (100%). The overall story was not bad and it explained pretty clearly how the superhero, Ant-Man, came to existence. If you like a good action superhero movie, Ant-Man is a great choice. My favorite part was Cassie’s birthday and the gift her father gives her. I will not give the whole plot away, but I am sure you can find a full synopsis of the movie on the internet somewhere, if you wanted to. Lastly, make sure you stay till the credits finish rolling for a quick snip of the next Marvel movie. We all know Marvel likes to sneak those in at the very end. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.

My Rating: 9.5/10

Happy Movie Watching!


Everyone Feels Like Cinderella

The Center Point Lies With The Foot

Glass slippers and beautiful dresses equals a little girl’s playtime imagination. We all played dress up as little kids where we wear our mother’s clothing and shoes. Children recreate the pure moments that tickle our tummies and the imagination takes us to another world. As we grow older we acquire our own sense of taste and fashion. But what exactly ties an outfit together? Jewelry? Accessories? A particular article of clothing? I think not. I believe the key lies in the pair of “glass slippers” you wear on your feet.

Are You Sure?

I am not a fashion expert, but I know how to dress to make myself presentable. Every shoe has it’s own purpose in tying your outfit together. I hardly believed this until I took a step back and looked in a mirror. Picture this: light cream gray colored shorts, a gray graphic shirt, and black wedge sneakers. Now picture the same outfit but with a pair of black Nike trainers. I kid you not, but I looked cute and not to shabby when I wore my black wedge sneakers. My outfit turned unflattering when I pair it with my black Nike trainers. I was stepping in and out of the gym from my workout, and my wedge sneakers were in the car. I only have two hands and my hands were full from gym bag plus a bag for my towel + spare clothing. So of course I would just wear my Nike trainers out. No big deal, since it was gym then home. However, the outfit really was unflattering and it hit me that shoes matter.

What Else is New?

It is not something new, but a small realization on my part. An outfit can be dressed down or up with the shoes you put on. I understand when my boyfriend shakes his head a little when I wear my gray Nike trainers when we go to the mall. Sometimes a girl/lady/woman needs something more flattering than trainers to finish an outfit. I flip through magazines and websites on my spare time or whenever a new clothing brand catalog comes in the post. I picture the model wearing simple trainers with a gorgeous summer outfit, and I know it will ruin the outfit. Trainers and sneakers should be kept at minimal wear. The next time you do a little online shopping or read a magazine take a look at the shoes the model wears with the outfit. You never know what might surprise you. 

This is Important?

I would have to say this is just a realization on my part. A shoe can say a lot of things about an outfit. I am sure there are other bloggers out there who mention shoes in an outfit. I am not going to tell you what shoes you should pair with your clothing, but I am telling you before you step out the door take a look at what you plan to walk in. Try something else besides those trainers or sneakers from time to time. You never know how you can spruce out that simple outfit to something out of this world. Think of your shoes as your very own fairy godmother to the outfit!



The Hardest Part

Why Does it Have to be About Food?

Food, Food, Food.

I grew up with the genetics of high metabolism ingrained into my DNA. I was considered the skinny child throughout my lower education. I was even made fun of during high school that I should just “eat a steak” and it was not possible to weigh the amount I weighed with my body size. Thankfully I had a kind teacher for physical education, and he told the bully off saying “she is skinny but because of her height she weighs in at normal”. I am thankful for my physical education teacher and how he stood up for me. Trust me, I ate a plate full of food each night and there was no such thing as a calorie counter in my book.

Rewinding to present day. My metabolism is not as quick as it was before. I have slowly watched the influx of weight I put on. Calories were just a number and I believed I could eat what ever I wanted. Boy was I wrong.

I still look pretty slim, but overall I was not happy with my eating style. The mentality of eating as much as I can and not caring just no longer worked. I think I finally hit “rock bottom” when I realized a pair of jeans my boyfriend bought me no longer fit. Let me say that these pair of jeans were big enough for me to wear a pair of denim shorts underneath. I realized my age is slowly catching up and I should not splurge on a crazy level when it came to food. 

I decided I wanted to lose around 12-13 pounds. I wanted to feel my best and be my best. I no longer wanted a bloated looking stomach, nor pants I wear feeling a little too snug. My boyfriend suggested I calorie count and devised a slow way for me to lose weight. I did not want to drastically drop weight, but I wanted to see progress. 

I am not going to lie, calorie counting SUCKS! It slowly made me realized I was eating more calories for my age, weight, and height. Cutting back and weighing everything out is the hardest thing I have to do. It makes me want to bring a scale everywhere I eat. However, I am not that crazy to walk around with a small scale in my purse. I do my best to estimate to as close as possible in what I eat and record it on my app.

My Fitness Pal

Yeah, more like pain in the ass! This app is like good and bad of food counting. I input what I eat and how much exercise I put in for the day. I only workout three times a week, but the good meals my parents prepare makes me want to work out for seven days straight. So far I have been doing well. This is my first week of calorie counting. I managed to lose 5 pounds when I watched what I eat and not calorie count. However, the two week span that I was not counting calories I was walking A LOT. The four days that I was constantly on my toes really became the exercise. 

This app in general:

  • Easy to to use
  • Lets you scan bar codes of food items so you do not have to manually input all the ingredients or search
  • Has a lot of choices in foods you can list
  • Has an estimated exercise counter to see how many calories you burned, and how much you can eat still
  • Some food choices you might have only one option in measurements, and some foods you have plenty.
  • Trying to eat a few calories less puts you “under calories for the day” and it makes you feel like you are not eating enough. In reality you are eating enough
  • Does not have all food choices, so you have to make an executive decision in which one you log. I always go for the higher calorie choice because the food my parents cook can be a little more on calories. Plus I do not know all the ingredients they add and I do not wish to slowly input a recipe.


The journey is slow. This twelve week process will test everything. It is a not a easy journey, but I feel happier with myself. I even see a reduction of stomach region. It is no longer protruding out as much as before. I seriously looked like a skinny girl who was possibly one month pregnant (Girl say what?!!). Also, one of my shorts no longer feel snug around my waist! I am not advocating calorie counting is needed, but simple clean eating and portioning everything really provides for a healthy exercise! I hope my small progress shows that everyone reaches a all time low in health. But there is a solution somewhere, you just got to make the effort. 

Love & Peace,